Wolfgang Eichler

My name is Wolfgang Eichler
I am at home in the Andreas congregation and work as a volunteer here at the congregation.
This congregation was founded in 1963
And since then I’ve been working as a volunteer.
First, I did youth and children work and then I was also in the parish council and for some time it is so that my focus is to organize the event at the „house on the street“ and also to carry it out. This is currently one of my main responsibilities in the congregation.

If I should say what volunteering means to me, then I would answer this as follows:
There is this sentence that John F Kennedy says: do not ask what your country can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for your country.
And that is the basis of my honorary work for me. I live in Germany and I love my country. I feel comfortable here and it is very important to me that the people living with me here in Germany, no matter if they are Germans or not, that they are doing well and that we can live here together.
For that, I am committed to making sure that we get along well with each other. That’s what makes me volunteer. I want to get involved in this common togetherness.
Volunteering means to me: it is an honor for me to work in this area with the possibilities I have.
The possibilities are different for the individual people, so I bring myself with my options.
And I like to do it and do not expect anything in return. That is very important to me.
This is simply a volunteer free activity for which I donate time, as someone else once expressed it.
And if you would not ask why I am active here in our congregation and fellowship, it’s because I grew up in this congregation and I’ve been part of it from the beginning when this congregation was founded in 1963.
I was motivated by my Christian faith,
I grew up here in the Christian church.
I would like to illustrate this clear with an example: Jesus is asked in the Bible what the highest commandment is and there he answers:
Love your God as yourself and love your neighbor as yourself
So, love God and your neighbor and yourself.
For me God is the creator and at the same time something like a father and he loves me, he wants me to pass on that love as well.
This passing on to other people has always motivated me again and again to say: ok, what you experience good in your life, you would like to pass this on to others!
It’s from this, that these volunteer duties resulted.
In addition to what I’m doing in the congregation, I’m also do volunteer work outside because we want to build bridges with the „house on the street“ in our city of Neumünster.
And also to these people who do not have much to do with church.

Because „building bridges“ has so much significance for me, I also get involved, for example. at the hospice initiative or in the refugee café, or in the multi-generation houses here in Tugendorf.
It all started in the congregation, but it’s also goes beyond the congregation.
As long as I am healthy and have the time and the desire to do so, I’ll love to do it.
And I enjoy it a lot

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