The Round Table for Tolerance and Democracy

Founded in spring 2010

Organizes and supports events that counteract xenophobic and right-wing extremist tendencies.

Although we are generally against any form of extremism and violence, the problem we have here is right-wing extremism. And that has brought us together and that keeps us coming back every three months to this plenary session.
There were 36 people here today, and that is unbelievable. And they come again and again in order to
to discuss together what we want to do.

Who sits at the round table?
About 40 organizations from Neumünster. Political organizations, in other words, parties that are in the Council meeting. Churches of both religious communities, mosques, sports clubs, school representatives are also present here, the „Alliance Against Right“ is also part of it. So a very broad spectrum that cannot be imagined to be wider.

Why is the Round Table important for Neumünster?

Because here many groups, clubs, associations, federations, parties in addition, churches, denominations come together and act together against right agitation proceed and appropriate actions plan.
The city needs a solid foundation. That is not only the big spots and the business world, but that is a conviction. For us it is important that the basic laws are respected, and that we treat each other democratically, because then peace is preserved and that is extremely important.

We have a good chance to introduce plans and decisions of the Round Table by means of municipal politics into the city council .

What characterizes the Round Table?

The openness, die wide spectrum, we have representatives from the Left Party to those from the Catholic Church and of the muslim community. We have a lot of possibilities and that makes us courageous and that forms an important basis for us.

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