The police increased in Neumünster – Englisch

Dirk Czarnetzki is the new chief of police in Neumünster. He is 51 years old and lives in here in town. In Neumünster 700 employeers work for the security.
The interview was about his aims, the structural reform and the new police station in the centre.
For him, it is important to be citizen-friendly and to be connected with positions, school, churches, organisations and everybody who take responsibility for the civil society.
The new structure is like the structure in Flensburg and has already started. In January the new police station will open and it is responsible for the centre of Neumünster. In the centre of Neumünster live a lot of people with different social and cultural milieus. That’s why the police thinks that there will be many problems.
A lot of new police officers started to work and there will be more police officers in the next time.

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