The Holsteinischer Courier

The Holsteinischer Courier is the daily newspaper for 146 years in Neumünster and environments. It is non-party and independent. Every day except Sunday, there are reports about politics, economy culture, sports, clubs and federations in the city. The Courir is part of the new newspaper of Osnabrück.
The editorial office is located in Kuhberg 34 and the leader is Hannes Harding. Every day there is a conference about the articles and the title for the next day.
After that they compile the newspaper electronic and fill the gabs with texts. They also research their own topics.
The Courir reports for example about offers of help for refugees, the democratic summit, success of the integration but also about violence, fights, the new police station and a lot more topics.
The Neumünster-TV team accompanied the Courier workers to the presentation of the new chief of the cinema.
During a day there can be changes. So the workers have to react and exchange an article.
In the evening or in the week-end, free workers take photos or write the articles.
It is important that the Courir is neutral and independent. This is why the workers check the articles for mistakes.  After that they send the newspaper to Kiel to the printer’s.

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