The Council assembly of the City of Neumünster

Englisch – Die Ratsversammlung der Stadt Neumünster

The Council assembly of the City of Neumünster

The Council meeting, or briefly the board, is the political advisory and decision-making body of the city of Neumünster. This is where important decisions are taken for the citizens, for example whether schools are being built or refurbished, how high the land tax or dog tax is, which roads are being rehabilitated or where commercial and residential areas are created. The Voluntary council politicians also decide on social benefits, kindergartens or public facilities such as the swimming pool, the municipal works or the Libraries. They thus indicate what the administration of the city must or should be able to implement.

In total, the city council of Neumünster comprises of 43 seats. Chairman of the Council is the mayor or the city president, who at the moment is Anna-Katharina Schättiger. The city committees are working on the council meeting and preparing the important topics. The District Advisory Councils are advisory in nature and often provide clues about issues that politicians should address.

Every citizen can attend the meetings. The tickets for the Council meeting are available in the new town hall of the city president, 1st floor, south wing, room 1.17. Visitors to the public meetings will be granted free tickets in accordance with the rules of procedure for the Council assembly, committees, District Councils and other advisory councils of the city of Neumünster as long as seats are available on the gallery in the town hall.

A total of 55 seats are available, of which 25 are regularly communicated to interested persons via the Council groups. The cards for the remaining 30 seats can be requested in the room of the city president by Mrs Eggert, phone 04321/942-2429. It is only when the agenda of a meeting of the Council meeting is officially announced that cards can be picked up or reserved. Due to the limited number of seats, a maximum of four cards per applicant is issued. The cards must be claimed no later than ten minutes before the start of a meeting. After that, available seats on the gallery will be freely given to interested persons without having to show a ticket. Entry to the gallery is possible 20 minutes before the start of the meeting.

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