My name is Günther Humpe Waßmuth.

My name is Günther Humpe Waßmuth,
Many still know me as a city councilor for youth, culture and social affairs.
I retired since June 2016, and since March 2016, I have been a patient caretaker at the Friedrich Ebert Hospital in Neumünster and since about this time, I have been Chairman of the Hospice Initiative.
The motivation for this came from my field of work that I have always pursued with commitment and the idea of going from 100 to 0 was not acceptable to me,
It was important for me to continue to be active and engage myself.
And these are two fields, the hospice initiative and the situations in the hospital which I think are important, that also civil engagement develops in it and therefore I got into these two working parts.
The patient Obhutsmann takes care of the discomfort in the hospital I am not a lawyer of patients, but the task of the Ophut man is to listen to the complaints of patients, but then to listen to the other side asking the doctors to interview the nursing staff and then to convey. mostly success after a patient complaint a joint conversation, either at the ward or in my room and one tries to clarify the situation.
If things are not clear, if patients decide to clarify this in a legal way, then my job is over, I can only mediate and help make things clear.
The hospice initiative takes care of people who are in the dying situation.
In Neumünster about 1000 people die each year. Of these, about 500 hospitals, 250 in old people’s homes and nursing homes and a certain part at home.
Most people actually want to die at home, in fact it is not like that.
We want to make sure when it comes to dying situation, that it’s a dignified dying.
The relatives can also say in the end „the father/the mother has gone from us but he / she has died in dignity“.
Here in the hospital we have a wonderful palliative ward with 8 beds.
And in this palliative ward the hospice initiative is always represented, but they don’t bring the food to the patients so that we have brought them the food, but that they also get into conversation.
We see that there are fears there and we can then respond to them.
There are many different wishes when someone says „I would like to see my dog once more, or I would like to go to kieler förde“.
And we simply try to fulfill the wishes of the people who are in the dying phase.
It gives me in particular pleasure that I am needed and that I can also apply my knowledge. It is also a good situation for yourself. And the second is I believe that many things in a society can only be organized through civic engagement.

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