„How to start an association“

„How to start an association“

Hello, my name is Udo Gerigk, employee of KAST e.V. and here in Neumünster responsible for the project PORT – Participation on site. Today I would like to tell you something about the conditions and basics for starting an association.
A registered association is one of the most common ways of organizing people. In Germany there are about 600,000 registered associations.

To start an association at least seven people have to get together at the founding meeting. A statute must be worked out. If the association wishes to be charitable, these statutes must be checked in advance with the tax office to determine whether the conditions for charitable status are met. Then you can register the association at the district court, which is associated with some costs. For entry at the district court, the notarized statutes must be submitted, which has been signed by all founding members.

In Neumünster there is the possibility that people who are interested in founding an association can contact KAST e.V. or Neumünster Medien e.V.. KAST e.V. then accompanies the founding of an association. With all the steps that have to be fulfilled. That is, we check first, what is this for an association? How to create a statute? We check together with the interested parties, whether a non-profit is in question? Then this consultation continues at the tax office until the is finally registered.

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