Englisch – Wie ein Ausschuss arbeitet: Der Sozial- und Gesundheitsausschuss Neumünster

The Social and Health Committee of the City of Neumünster is a committee of the Council which is responsible for social and health issues in Neumünster. We are a political body, consisting of different parties and we are superficially responsible for the fact that we first discuss technical topics in the Social and Health Committee and as a rule the Council meeting is the final decisive authority, so that we make a technical contribution to it and pass the requests on to the Council meeting.

The specialist committee, we in the Social Affairs and Health Section, instructs the administration to prepare concepts for the articles, statutes or other subject areas, to submit them to us, so that we can discuss them among the experts in the Social Affairs and Health Section and, of course, to bring in the opinion of the political groups here, and accordingly to create a basis for the decision of the Council Assembly.

The information is, of course, very important to us. For example, we once heard many speeches here today, and on the debt issue in Neumünster, poverty, youth unemployment and other issues on the other. That is information for us, we take it with us to our group, we discuss/problematise it in our group, so that we subsequently write additional motions, in the specialist committees, in the Council Assembly and would like to have decisions on it. If, for example, we hear here today and say that the problem of debt among young people under the age of 25 is an issue, we in our group will of course take it up and discuss it, and we will continue to do so in the communal-political sphere.

Party politics is of course being pursued. Each party has its own program and its own ideas, which it writes down in a program. At the beginning of every parliamentary term, or at the start of every election campaign. And it is on this line, we try to take our decisions considering every party or every faction. That is right, and yet it is the case that we always have to compromise for the sake of it. And that is quite good and justifiable. But, of course, each party is trying to set its own scent markers or direction, of course.

So for the administration. We as self-government give a mandate to the administration and that must then be implemented which of course is also binding.

I work full-time in the social and health sector, I come from the full-time sector. And I am happy to contribute my skills here and, of course, learn a lot, because we have a lot of competence in this committee through the technical staffing and then try together to bring our issues forward for the city.

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