Englisch – Was ist Port?

Neumünster has a new contact point at Goebenplatz 4 for foreign citizens who want to contribute and participate socially.

The association KAST has initiated a project with participation on location „PORT“, which gives foreign fellow citizens, among other things, assistance in the founding of associations.

Neumünster Medien eV will support the Media project in cooperation with KAST.

Udo Gerigk from KAST presents the goals of PORT: PORT is a state-sponsored project that aims to advise, accompany and support people from other countries who want to organise themselves in Neumünster, whether they are refugees, family reunion or for work reasons.

Neumünster TV takes care of the entire video technology, creates the films and uploads them to the various social media in different languages.

Individual support and advice for the organisations or associations they wish to found is provided by KAST. Just as KAST is responsible for the organisation of information events.

For this year, we have planned to hold an open information event every quarter. For this year we have also planned to produce a clip on the subject of association law. We want to create another clip on the subject of non-profit status.

You can find us at Goebenplatz 4 and in the future, we will offer a consultation every Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., so that you can contact us by telephone and then also drop by on Fridays during the consultation hours.

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