Englisch – The society committee

Deutsch – Der Vereinsvorstand

The society committee

I am Udo Gerigk, an employee of KAST e.V. here in Neumünster and responsible for the project PORT – participation on site.
Today I want to talk with you about the conditions and basics to establish a simplistic founding.
The committee is next to the general assembly the only mandatory organ, which means every social club needs a committee.
The committee is guiding the social club and is representing the social club to the outside.
So, this means, that the committee is responsible for the management and the representation of the social club.
The composition of the committee must be regulated in the statutes, this means before the committee has been selected, it has to be clarified how many people are needed to form the committee.
Contrary to popular belief, the board does not have to consist of several people and there are no mandatory offices, so this means a committee can consist either of one person or five people.
Here are two recommendations: A big committee isn’t the best choice, because he might not be manned in the future, i.e. for professional or other reasons, someone leaves the committee or moves, this person’s spot has to be filled. And if the committee has not enough members, the committee has to be completely re-elected in a member’s assembly or you have to rewrite the statutes.
It’s an advantage, if several people form the committee, because they can check on each other and the social club won’t be unable to act, if there is a loss, illness or resignation of one of the committee members.
That is, usually three people or five people make up the committee.

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