Englisch – Mitgliederversammlung

I am Udo Gerigk, an employee of KAST e.V. here in Neumünster and responsible for the project PORT – participation on site.
Today I want to talk with you about the conditions and basics of a simplistic founding.
The general meeting elects the executive committee, the general meeting is also the main organ of the association. It can give instructions to the Board, i.e. also delegates tasks and decides on all matters that are not expressly assigned by the Articles of Association to the Board.
The board is also obliged to convene a general meeting at least once a year.
In particular, the general assembly also elects the executive board and the general assembly decides on changes to the statutes. And also about the discharge of the board.
And it has extensive rights of access to the board, i.e. the general assembly may also invite the board to submit a statement of account, „What did you actually do last year?“.
The general meeting must be convened properly, i.e. 2,3 people can’t decide, so now we have a general meeting and want to deselect the board. You have to inform the members 14 days in advance about the place and time of the general meeting and the agenda items must be announced also in advance.

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