Englisch-Forum der Vielfalt Neumünster

Gefördert durch Ministerium für Inneres und Bundesangelegenheiten des Landes Schleswig-Holstein

It is a body that represents the interests of migrants in the city of Neumünster. We stand for all migrants, for all their problems, for all their questions they have and try to help everyone where we can.

If they don’t know how a school system works in principle, for example, we have organised events and we still do. We try to inform them through this.
Otherwise we also try to make intercultural events so that we can bring people together, so that people can experience something together, from different nations, from different cultures and show what belongs to my culture.

They are individual members, we have a lot of individual members. Not necessarily only with a migration background, there are also some who come from Germany and join us. But there are also many migrants, but there are also many organisations that take part in our work, charities such as AWO, for example, there are also others, there are a lot of associations that are in Neumünster, and many of them are also represented with us.
Different associations – Turkish community, traveling together and many others.

There are of course successes, such as low-threshold information on education for parents in other languages, which then lead to an increase in Childcare enrolment, better support opportunities for children in school, very concrete successes of which the Forum has achieved with events and through the fact that the Forum also has a certain public, including in the Social Committee, can be active in an advisory capacity, but also organizes events.
And it contributes totally to the coexistence of the people here in Neumünster and to the reduction of prejudices.
First of all, of course, we want to reach migrants, but also the other side, the Germans, and also the politicians. So that the politicians can perhaps also see what kind of problems people can have and what they are confronted with.
Of course we want to try to bring Neumünster and the people forward. The people who live here, so that they can really take part in life and also participate in politics.

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