Englisch – Eingetragene Verein

I am Udo Gerigk, an employee of KAST e.V. here in Neumünster and responsible for the project PORT – participation on site.
Today I want to talk with you about the conditions and basics of a simplistic founding.
The registered association is registered, if it’s entered in the register by the district court. Where you get a number, and this number gets on the head of your letter head, so that everyone recognizes that this association is registered.
All amendments made to the protocol have to be passed on to the court so that it is updated, for example at the foundation we have five persons on the board and ten years after none of these five persons are on the board anymore.
And this register at the district court serves to make it comprehensible also for outsiders, who leads the legal transactions for this association. That is why it is so important that the minutes are always forwarded to the district court after signing the membership convention. And then everything is entered in the register.

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