Daniel Rix about the youth #fire #brigade – a responsible volunteering! #Neumünster

Englisch: Daniel Rix über die Jugendfeuerwehr – ein verantwortungsvolles Ehrenamt!

My name is Daniel and I am 26 years old. For 17 years now I work for the fire department and 10 years of that in acitve service. My task here is leading the youth fire brigade in Neumünster-Mitte.
We are a group of 42 people in the youth fire brigade and our service runs every Wednesday which is also my task next tot he allday business.
I am an active fireman and we have round about 130 insets a year where I acquire experiences which I can teach to the young people.
To lead the fire brigade voluntary is not just a hobby, it’s a vocation. You can’t compare that with other hobbies I think. We work with the citizens directly in case of emergency and sometimes we see pictures which no other citizen will witness. Volunteering is a big task and I can talk for the fire brigade. Because of the many services we drive here in Neumünster our motivation to help the citizens directly with the same quality of work like professionals from the fire service keeps on growing.
My task here is leading the youth fire brigade and that means I am the floor manager. So I am the interface between the adults and the youth. Because of that I have a board function and so I’m telling the managing board what’s happening in the youth fire brigade.

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