Common mistakes – Häufig gemachte Fehler – Neumünster TV

I am Udo Gerigk, an employee of KAST e.V. here in Neumünster and responsible for the project PORT – participation on site.
Today I want to talk with you about the conditions and basics of a simplistic founding.
The difficulties that can arise when founding an association, above all, when the district court reviews the statutes.
There are some common mistakes in the constitution of the articles. On the one hand, it is often the case that economic activities are mentioned; economic activity means that one wants to earn money with this association. The registry court then rejects an entry.
Or what happens often, very dedicated people found a club, but are not very many people in the club and there are very many board members and these board members may not be filled in future elections. Even then, the district court would reject the registration of the association. Or the required charter rules are not reflected correctly.
To avoid this, it is best to keep up to date pattern statements found on the Internet or here at PORT, we look together then, which statute would be in question for the club to be founded.

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